Friday, September 29, 2006


Well I have used a complete box of 10 sensors. That is my first box - I am using sensor #10 right now....time to reflect on my experience!!

1. Excellent Minimed training
2. Excellent Minimed customer support....
3. Others that seems to be having the same experience and troubles as not a "me Problem" but rather a technology problem (transmitter and sensors)

I enjoy this technology - it has made my life easier, and allows me the ability to simply look at my pump to know where my sugar range is. I would not go back - but I wish my insurance company would cover the sensors!!!

I learned to be patient and wait until my sugar is level before calibrating - and I can calibrate with a high or low long as the pump is not showing a fast rise/fall ongoing at that time.

I learned it is fine to sleep on the sensor/ issues with that. As well....soaking in the tub with the transmitter on is fine as well.

I have received a few emails from others that are using this technology so I look forward to hearing from them and reading the stories of their adventures as well!! I don't know anyone else in the area I am in with this I turn to blog land for chit chat!!! Keep it coming, thanks!!!

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