Sunday, September 03, 2006

Holiday Weekend!

Good morning!!

So yes, went for a hike was very good!!! Probably a little more then I was looking for - it was quite a steep hike and I found that my skin was sweating under the tegaderm!! I had to change all the tape over the sensor site when I got home - there was droplets of fluid. Maybe more then you needed to know - but important information!!! The sensor was wet underneath. I dried it off with a cotton ball and reapplied tape - and I am back in action! I'm on day 4....really hoping to make a record with this sensor!! The longest I have had a sensor last is 5 we will see!!

I am working for the next 4 days...I was thinking about going to the gym tonight (if it is not closed early for the holiday)....and will give it another good test for its money!!

Take care


MileMasterSarah said...

What does ISIG reading mean? I am really interested in the Minimed CGMS 522/722 systems....I am going to try and get one, or at least an RT. I currently use a paradigm, but have my sights set on getting a cgms by january (crossing fingers...)

Drea said...

The isig value refers to the input signal for the glucose sensor - I use that as an indication that the sensor is functioning!! I enjoy the CGMS - previous to this system I would find my glucose would climb and I would not realize it...until I tested and found myself in the teens (mmol values...canada)....but this sensor alarms when I am on the rise!! AMAZING!!!