Saturday, September 02, 2006

Not sure if anyone reads this.....

Good morning!! I am really not sure if anyone reads this, but that is ok - I will continue writing about my journey with the CGMS...which I am finding some call the TGMS? Either way, it is working well - and I just completed 3 days on my current sensor with no issues. I have just restarted this sensor to see how long it will live!

This time I put the sensor on my right upper thigh - on the side....probably not the best of places - it is near the quad muscle. I feel like I am doing a trial this time around to see how long the site will last - so I am trying to lay back on the harder cardio to keep that quad/kink factor to a minimum. If I make it a few days longer with this sensor I will go for a run and see if anything happens!

Yesterday I trialed the sensor in the hot tub. HA! All for the sake of science......and no problem.

So this morning, the ISIG is still up in the high teens - much higher isig value then compared to having the sensor site on my upper abd area - but Minimed says there is no correlation between Isig value and stability of the sensor.....I said except for the obvious 0.00 isig meaning BAD SENSOR. HA!

So it is beautiful and sunny today - on this long weekend. Sadly I am back to work tomorrow (shift work) so today I am going to head out for a hike. I know I know ... I said I would take it easy - but I can not let this day go by without at least a small jaunt outside! Cheers!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Drea,

Just found your blog and have added it to the list I keep up on!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with this!