Friday, September 01, 2006

September has arrived!

What a beautiful day today!! I am off work, sitting on the patio with a cup of coffee and still in my PJ's. Actually I am sticking around the house now waiting for glucose sensors to arrive!! They come in a cooler that FedEx won't leave without a signature and I don't want the sets at a sorting facilty all weekend (Long weekend!!!). That is good tho - keeps me home and I am getting lots done.

So I am on day 2 + 1hr on my current sensor. No problems thus far. It took me about three to four sensors to figure this all out - the tricks and trade. Maybe I have a handle on it now!? I had a spike last night while I was sleeping (likely due to my late night snack when I got home)....I had to do a correction bolus at 5am and then at 6:45 my pump was crying for a calibration test. If I had calibrated then I would have had a calibration error with my glucose dropping from the correction bolus (that along with the 5 - 10 minute lag for the sensor fluid). SOO I wanted a few more hours, did a calibration and no problems..and NO CAL ERRORS.

Today is a "me" day....nothing pressing......a great way to start this long weekend! Cheers!

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