Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Totally Unrelated to Diabetes.....

I was woken this morning, early - but a delivery guy at the door. No surprise, I was awaiting the arrival of a new freezer.

I have spent a lot of $$ at Home Depot over the past year, with a total reno of the house I am in. You think I would have learned with past events, but the freezer this morning showed up DAMAGED. The box was in fine condition, so I signed the paper and accepted the package. When I opened it up, the front lower corner is dented in a good 3 - 4 inches - as if it sustained a drop and landed on that corner and then was packaged up.

THAT IS IT. I will not step foot in a HOME DEPOT or support them at all. I have had nothing but bad experiences. Many returns, many faulty items and poor quality. This is my oath to never deal with this company ever again. The lady on the phone was very nice and asked if I wanted an exchange, and I said "NO, I'm going to go to my local appliance store - support my local industry and never deal with your store again" that was not a nice start to my day....and reminded me when I let things like this bother me, it makes me BG rise.....soon after I hung up the phone I hear BEEP BEEP BEEP of my high alarm on the pump.....a gentle reminder from my body to just let this go, take a deep breath......and head up to my local home hardware store :)

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MileMasterSarah said...

Haha, that is like shopping at walmart!