Monday, December 04, 2006

Warm your testers....

Well I think today Winter will find us. There is a snowfall warning for New Brunswick and Newfoundland....30 + cm snow. We in Nova Scotia will get mostly rain, with a few cm of snow (which means a real mess). Sadly this is the start. The start of the mad rush for winter tires (not to mention the cold weather pushes people into the stores to SHOP for Christmas!!!).

But really, my heart goes out to all of the testers of this world. Today is the day we have to start thinking about the dear old E-2 errors....telling us our meters are too cold! Someone needs to create meter sweaters...or a meter duvet to keep these suckers warm! I am sure there are lots of tricks and trades used by people out there in meter land - I stick to my sure fire method of sticking it in my pocket for a minute or two. Usually taking the chill off it is all that is needed. Hard core cold days require the meter to be put right against my skin - like sticking an ice cube into your armpit......COLD!

Tis the season....warm your meters, I think winter is fastly approaching!


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