Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Murphy's Law!

Well Christmas is here!! This year's gift of choice, a new camera!! I am excited, but now the snow is no wheres to be found! We had one storm a few weeks ago, and I was out taking cool pics! Now....it is like fall again! Makes me wonder if we will have a white Christmas! I want to get out and take WINTER PICS!! I have the winter tires ready for action....bring on the snow!!

So update on my Pump Skin....still hanging on and doing great! Looks like the day it went on! I enjoy the little pick me ups...but I would really love to see Minimed come out with colored tubing, or colored infusion sets! I figure they can make the tubing and sets still translucent (so you can see bubbles etc)...a good marketing scheme! I sent my idea to Minimed, and got a standard letter back. That was about 2 years ago...makes me think I should send this idea again!!

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