Friday, December 15, 2006

Shall we hope!?

Diabetes Break-through?

I read about this in the National Post today, and as well on Kerry's Six Until Me site. By Human nature, I am impatient. I read this article, I want to see this in Human Trials right away - but I understand the process of research, and the time needed...

Either way, this is an amazing glimmer of hope - please have a read of the article! A nice Christmas present!

As for the gym visit yesterday it went well! Well sort of, Devin was actually booked to see me at a gym on the other side of town (whoops, a booking error) I was at one gym, and he was waiting for me at another gym across town. It all worked out ok, I rebooked for next week with him - and went solo and had a good workout at the gym. It was nice to get back at it. I have been averaging one gym visit every other week for the past month or two....I am going to up that to twice to three times a week (my week is an 8 day cycle),,,,writing it down is the first step...:)

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Anonymous said...

YES! YES! YES! Hope.... This is a huge breakthrough. One of the main things they will need to figure out is whether the CNS or autoimmune attack is the catalyst. Since CNS involvement was never even suspected, this was a big surprise. Right now, I just wish they would get the continuous glucose monitors out -- useful and available for all, paid for by insurance, then onward to the artificial pancreas. If we can get better tools, we will be in a better frame of mind to wait.