Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas must be near!

Finally I made the first step towards admitting Christmas is near!! I was out driving yesterday, and drove past my local Lion's club tree sale, and decided it was time to get going on the Christmas season!! The very nice folkes from the Lions Club helped me pick out a per my criteria.....

1. No higher then I can reach (As I stand with my hand high in the air)
2. Able to fit into my VW with nothing sticking out of the car as I drive....
3. Nothing living in it that I would take home....HA, as funny as that sounds, the man took the tree and gave it a good shake to accounce to any occupants it was time to vacate!

So there I was, with a tree in the car, Christmas music on the radio...all set! I got the cheapest of the cheapest tree stands, a few decorations and headed home!! All went well, as you can tell by the picture. No one injured, a lot of SAP on my hands - but it went up so easily! Sadly, none of the gifts under the tree are for me, they are all for my family :(

So now unrelated, I am heading to the gym today. I took a few months off (Go ahead, tell me I am lazy. I called it a vacation) but today I am back at it. Booked in with Devin, my favorite trainer - so today I am back at it.....we'll see how the sensor stands up, but it is going to be nice to know ahead of time when my glucose will be dropping during a workout, rather then hitting the wall in the middle of my cardio.....then stumbling to the locker....digging out some form of glucose, you know the drill!! I will let you know how it goes - if I make it out alive :)


MileMasterSarah said...

It is good to know I am not the only one who has ever taken an exercise vacation! But im not starting back up until January. Nice tree!

Scott said...

Good stuff!

Your "tree criteria" list sounds reasonable to me!