Friday, December 08, 2006

Stormy Week

Well this week ended in a wild stormy way. SNOW STORMY!! Two stormy nights and here is the talley:

1. Bruised right hip....first step out, fell flat on my a**
2. Broken rear wipre on the VW. Maybe from the weight of the snow...maybe from my cleaning of the 15cm of snow off the car to prevent freezing...whoops!
3. Furnace broken x twice. OUCH.
4. 1 mouse in the house.......who really likes peanut butter, and is talented at eating it off the trap without setting the trap off....until this morning.....
5. Every morning the lovely E-2 error on my meter (I like to keep the room cool while I sleep!!!)
6. Many beautiful pictures!!!!!

Love winter! (???)

1 comment:

MileMasterSarah said...

damn! How cold do you keep it in your room that you get an error message on your glucometer?!!!?