Monday, January 15, 2007

Finally It Snows!

Last week my sensor site was the "SITE FROM HE*L". Really, it was. It bled like crazy when I inserted the site - and was tender the whole time. When I removed the sensor, it took several days to get my leg back in order!! Irritations from the tape, a bump under the sensor site...a mess. This week, my sensor is a JOY! I don't even know it is there - I am so used to them now. The insertion of this site was a piece of cake, and the sensor is hanging in wonderfully!! No luck with my insurance company yet. I am still working on coverage....was heading to the Dr today to get a supporting letter, but it was actually SNOWING to hard to go! Finally winter starts, and then disrupts my plans!

I am heading outside now, I am quite happy to run outside and shovel the snow that the plow has left as a present at the end of my driveway. It is not much....but with the freezing rain, it will be messy when I get up early for work tomorrow!


Lili said...

Hi! *waves*

Annie said...

First time poster here - enjoy reading your posts. ALso wear a Minimed pump and am interested in the CGMS. Keep up the good work!