Friday, January 19, 2007

We Had Snow For 2 Days....

We had snow for 2 days, and temperatures averaging -20. It WAS winter. Now there is a heavy rainfall warning, and I am watching my snow melt away. Maybe next week we will have winter!?

SOOO a glucose sensor BITES the dust after 2 days. That TICKS me off, seeing that they are $40 each! Typically I use my legs, but for something different this time I selected my lower right stomach. Inserted no problem, a tiny bit of bleeding. I did this before my first day shift - inserted, went to work. The sensor started no problem, but had a LOW isig the whole time. I felt like the site was just "holding on" .... low isig values.....

YESTERDAY, my second day shift at work. The site HURT. The sort of hurt you would expect if the site were infected. That is really strange, I can wear sites on my legs for almost 10 days and not feel a thing, but on the second day this pain was NOT expected. I had two CAL ERRORS during the day yesterday, and by the time I reached home I had a bad sensor error. Must be a bad sensor SITE I felt. I knew things were not good for this site.

During the evening I attempted to start the sensor again. I changed the tape (after resetting the sensor)....checked the site. Everything appeared ok. My isig after I hooked up was a mere 3.93. BAD SIGN, and sure enough CAL ERROR.

SIGH....time to flush $40 down the drain.

So this morning, got up and started a new sensor. This time on my trusty leg - and no problem at all. I wish I was taller, so I could have more leg space to use! Dang 27 inch inseam.



Helen said...

Keep your sense of humor, it is great! It helps those of us who are just starting with the CGS journey. A co-traveler Helen

AmyT said...

Hey Drea,
Very nice blog you've got going here. Sorry, I can't relate to the snow... but I'll be pumping soon, so thanks for sharing the ups and downs.

All the best!
- AmyT

type1emt said...

Do you not get much snow up there?
We haven't had much either(twice) but
its 2,000 miles to the South..
Too bad about the sensors-sometimes I feel like I just go to work to support the diabetes habit!(its expensive)Wishing you better luck w/future sites of the week.