Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A small review.....I'm tired tonight !!


Did you read about the snow in the last post?


What a crazy winter this is! That snow was here for only a few days, but the cold weather stayed! Finally the ice shacks are out on the water and winter looks like it is here! (I am yet yo get you a good picture of the ice shacks, stand by!!!)

So I am on the same sensor as last time I wrote. A lovely site, treating me well and great accuracy! From this week's experiences/readings I have learner:

1. Don't trust the site's accuracy for the first few hours. Let it sit a few hours before doing a test on a meter that is linked to the pump!! CAL-ERROR...whoops!

2. Someone out there got 21 days out of a site!?!? I read that....yikes, must have been a sore site when it came out!! 12 days is my max thus far, but I think if the site lasted longer I would likely leave it in!!

3. If I let my pump go FREE in the bed while I sleep, it tends to result in weak my pump and leg seem to travel far apart!? I tend to sleep through the alarms...

4. I sleep through many of the gentle alarms. HA!

Going to hit the ski hills next week!!


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