Wednesday, March 07, 2007


My best buddy at work was recently diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. He is 24.

His diagnose was a long drawn out process, where I witnessed the torture my close friend had to endure. Torture with his body and torture with the health care system that passed him over.

It is hard to sit back and know what he needed. I knew what would help, what treatment he needed, but he was lost in the shuffle of papers. Clay was getting sicker and sicker, and eventually was not able to work. It broke my heart to see him suffer like this, but he continued fighting.

Clay won, and is seeing an excellent endo who admits his referral was improperly triaged. His get on an insulin pump....

The reason I am writing about was funny for me at work today. His desk is near mine, and he tests his sugars often throughout that 12 hours we are there. I am NOT used to having other people with diabetes hear the familiar BEEP BEEP of the glucose tester was confusing for my mind! I can not even think how I will react to have other PUMP BEEPS and alarms in the room! People sing along to my beeps now....just wait until there is two of us in the room! Duets!

Clay, I am so glad you are feeling better, and I'm always there for you......and I can't wait to have you in the pumping club!

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type1emt said...

Weird how these things turn out.(people getting diabetes that you'd never figure on..)
He's lucky to have you for a friend-you guys can look out for each other. Maybe even get him to start a blog + join the OC, if he's into that.