Monday, March 05, 2007

Minimed's New Minilink Transmitter....

I was really excited when I came across these pictures last night on the web! I have been reading about a "new smaller transmitter", and was told by Minimed that it would be out in Canada in a few months (but no specific date).

This will be out on the US first, and much smaller and best of all rechargable! I have very few complaints about this CGMS system except for the size of the transmitter! I hope the new one comes in time for the swim suit season HA!


Kerri said...

That looks ... not so bad, eh? The transmitter looks like a little seashell. :)

Anonymous said...

I recieved an email from my MM rep today. The new transmitter will be available in the US on March 12. The upgrade price will be $349. It will be rechargeable but expected to last only a little more than one year before it needs to be replaced.

George said...

I am so excited!!!!!! That looks sweet!!

Bernard said...

Thanks for this update.

I'm due for a new pump in September. Can you guys hurry up and work out the bugs for me, so it'll be perfect when I get mine?



Kevin said...


That looks pretty darn awesome to me too.

Thanks for sharing this news!

Molly said...

I got mine last week and it's awesome. It's pretty darn accurate too - I'm no longer testing 30 times a day:) I don't have any feeling when I have a low or a high so this is really saving me a lot of headaches!

Totally worth the money:)

MiKemp said...

Am thinking of upgrading to 722 pump and trying to work out if I can afford the minimed transmitter for CGMS.
Could someone tell me the price of the transmitter is in the US$ please?