Friday, March 02, 2007

I'll tell my short story

I have slept, and am feeling rested! It is hard on my first day off work - I don't want to waste my day sleeping, but I also need to recover from my two night shifts! I usually do laundry, catch up on reading all the blogs I follow, practice cello....laze around the house. Not a bad idea, gets all the house stuff done for 8 days!

So I'll tell you about the transmitter. Still kicking - who really knows how long it will last with low battery. I was woken again at noon by the low transmitter alarm, I am told this will happen daily!

I called US minimed helpline when I noticed the error - and was not able to get any help as I was outside the warranty period. They referred me to speak to the Canadian customer support # (I now have this number written down!!). I spoke with a nice rep there who went through my options.

1. wait it out, buy into the new mini-sensor system in a few months
2. buy new transmitter
3. Transmitter Purchase program....but a box of 10 sensors for a discounted rate of $425 and get a free transmitter.

Well I knew option 3 was the only viable option! I was thinking about the OT at work I would need to pay for this .... sigh....

BUT then I mentioned the two boxes of sensors I just bought 3 weeks ago - and said if I got 10 more then would expire before I could use them!!

WELL this changed the whole situation! Seesing that I had recently bought new sensors - they waved the $425 and I got the transmitter for free! Brand new with a new warrenty! Thank goodness I mentioned those sensors I bought :) FUEF!

My new sidekick was supossed to arrived later today BUT big storm today......I am home, sitting by the fire. Nice place to be!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! What great news for you!

cass said...

umm... WHAT is that picture!!!??? i'm sorry. ^0^ i DO have umm... about 18 months experience in a cold climate with snow... but... what is that? telephone lines? freaky.