Monday, March 12, 2007

Goodbye Old Transmitter......Minilink you say? No, not for this canuck yet!

I had to say goodbye to my faithful transmitter, which I called #2.

#2 was with me day and night, 24/7 - but has died from low battery disease. A fatal condition common in the phase-1 transmitters. No known cure at this time, and no way to avoid its onset. (#2 wants to know if this picture makes its look fat. HA, big sucker eh)

So welcome #3. Glad to see you kicked in right away and found my sensor - and soon will have your first'll enjoy trips to the movies, nights out, days at work...long phone calls, and cold nights....your life is just beginning!

I did not wait for the old transmitter to completely die before replacing - I wanted to make sure #3 settles in well before sending #2 to transmitter heaven! So far so good....until the Minilink comes to Canada!!! (For all US readers, the Minilink was released TODAY in the US!!!!)


Wendy Morgan said...

#2 looks as svelte as can be! Good shot! I'm sorry to see #2 go down. Thanks by the way for sharing your experiences. It is really helpful in the decision to make this kind of investment this will require.
FYI--Minilink will is available for children 7-17 years old! THAT is cool (since I have a 6 1/2 year old).



LORI said...

Hi Drea,

Another Canuck here with Type-1, just started my own blog today. Thought I'd say hi, and thanks for the good read.


Annie said...

Very cool! Do tell, are they finally going to covered by insurance? I found out a few weeks ago that I am going to have a baby (OMG!), and now, more than ever, I want a CGMS. Thanks!

Annie said...
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