Friday, April 20, 2007

Good Sugars and Sunshine, can it get better??

Wow! 4 days in Toronto...what a whirlwind visit!

Went up to see John Mayer....hung out in Toronto two nights, and then spent last night with awesome family just outside of the city! What a great time!!

When I left Nova Scotia, it was rainy and storming. When I came home today, it was sunny and 16 degrees!

So after my multiple no delivery alarms, my Cleo 90 site was fine for two days. No delivery issues, good sugars (even though two days was spent walking around toronto!!).....but last night, well early this morning (4am) I had another no delivery alarm.

I went through my trouble shooting process, with no success. The issue was with the reservoir, as the pump would not prime at all. ARGH, so at 4am I did a site change with still 90 units left in the reservoir. Annoying....and such a waste!

This is the second time I have had a no delivery with a Cleo 90 set, resulting in an early on top of that those multiple no delivery alarms on the plane!

As it stands now, I have had 2 Cleo-90 sets with no problems, but 2 that clogged (?) early causing no delivery alarms. I am at a 50% success rate - not very good!! (and I find the thin-set reservoirs hard to fill bubble-free...!!!)

Any one else have problems with Cleo 90 sites?

I am almost to 7 years with minimed silhouette sites with never an issue with no delivery....

Curious how other people are finding the Cleo 90's!!


marathonswimmer said...

Are you changing your tubing *each* time? I found my bad habit of using tubing for, uh, a couple site changes doesn't work with the Cleos -- you have to change it each site change.

Drea said...

Each time I change everything! Strange...using Novorapid - I do not expect it to clog, but it seems that is what is going on!! No suspend either - random!

Johnboy said...

I use Cleos now without significant issues. You may want to call Smiths about this as you could have gotten a bad lot.

Are you getting a "blockage detected" alarm or is it a simple "no delivery"? I got several clogs when I was pumping Humalog, but when I switched to Novolog/Novorapid no issues.

Sarah said...

I've only had a couple such problems. The first time I had maybe two units left, and was trying to hold out until the morning to change... just wound up with BG in the 300s for a few hours. The second time I had a no delivery alarm, I tried priming but that didn't work. A full switch out fixed it, but when I tried to draw the remaining insulin from the tubing, it suctioned strong enough that I couldn't get the last of the insulin out. Overall, few problems with the Cleos though they don't seem to stick as well as the Comfort Shorts...