Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aiming for Inner Peace

Do you think anyone finds "inner peace"? Well I want to try. I have been thinking about it a lot lately, seems things are not as "peaceful" in my life as I want them to be. Maybe let things roll off my back.....that will be the technique at work.....but this morning I laid and listened to the sound of the waves for an hour and decided it was time to find my inner peace. Lifelong happiness. Wow, how non-tangible!

Lets get back to business.....the business of diabetes. Yesterday I had 3 no delivery alarms on my pump! I was using the new-to-me Cleo 9 sets. My first one out of the box was issues at all. I put this second one in......9am ish in the morning....and went on with my day. I did not eat (bad girl, I know) until noon that day (sorry Devin, I know I said I would eat breakfast but it did not happen that day!). When I ate, I bolused. Half way through, a no delivery alarm.

"That's strange", I thought. I unhooked the infusion set and put a .5 unit prime through, it delivered no problem and I saw a bubble of insulin come out. I reconnected - and it seemed to deliver no problem.

I watched my BG rise and rise over the next few hours. I would have yanked out my site, but I was on an airplane and decided I would change the set when I landed.

I kept on checking my BG and bolusing accordingly. After that initial rise, it did not go up and more. It stayed level for about 30 minutes (Gross, I was up to 15mmol/L and felt like crap). It did return back to normal.

Do I trust the set? No. Did I change it? No....why? Still travelling....had to change planes in Montreal.

I had another 2 more no delivery alarm later in the day. Same solution - once I disconnected and reconnected, it delivered no problem.

I did not change my set because my BG values stayed fine and the solution always involved disconnect, reconnect and rebolus.

This morning - all was fine. Woke at a good level of delivery issues at all today. Yesterday was a very strange day. Very strange.....and if I were home, I would have yanked the set right away. I stuck it through - but let me tell you, I had a syringe and vial of insulin in my hand ready to go!


Wendy Morgan said...

Ahhh! Inner peace. I used to look everywhere for inner peace. I thought if I did yoga, or meditated, or went to church or read the right books, I could "find" it.

It took me a very long time to realize that I didn't need to look anywhere further than inside me. When my mind is quiet; that is where inner peace hangs out. It is mostly found if you can, ignore all those useless thoughts and getting quiet enough to appreciate the gifts we have.

Gratitude is the quickest path to inner peace.

marathonswimmer said...

Hey... I need a 155% temp rate when I fly. Maybe you're the same?