Monday, April 16, 2007

Alone in the diabetes world no more!

I was young when I was diagnosed, and did not know any other people with diabetes. I lived in a small town, and within a few years came across another girl with diabetes. She was a sister of a friend of mine. That was it, one person....who I talked to about twice a year.....she would tell me how she was skipping her insulin to loose weight.

UNTIL I went to diabetes camp when I was 9 years old. What an amazing experience! Every summer until I was 15, and then I worked at the camp until a few years ago. That one week a year was all I was given to experience living with other people with diabetes. We tested together, we went low together, we shared our fears and hopes....and then we all went home.

What an alone world diabetes can be!

The internet did bring support - the blogging world is AMAZING....I read people share experiences that I can relate, and that brings comfort. I can share in the experiences!

But now, for the first time in my life, I have a full time diabetes buddy. I talked about Clay before, but today - I stood back and appreciated the joy of having another person in my life who also has diabetes. Oh don't get me wrong, I am really sorry that Clay was diagnosed with diabetes - I would not wish it on anybody, but I must pull good out of his diagnosis! I have another person in my life who understands, and no words are needed.

The lows....and the tired feeling after correcting...
The rebound highs....sigh....
Eating when not hungry....
Having people watch you test

BEEP BEEP BEEPing.....eating....beeping.....eating....

We have a secret language, and for once in the past 22 years I have a full time diabetes buddy in my life!


(late entry....of course, Jen A is the ultimate diabetes buddy...long standing and she is a lifesaver for me!! If only I could get her to sit by me at work too HAHA!!)


Kevin said...

Being alone with this disease only adds insult to injury.

Having folks *get you* is key.

I'm happy you've found someone to share these trials with and that you're part of the OC as well.

marathonswimmer said...

What about the IPC? :O!!!

Ok, so we weren't full time diabetes buddies. Ok, more like a couple times a year. But still! We did well! :-)

Hey, when's our next meeting?