Friday, April 13, 2007

Lancets are cheap, why do I use one until it hurts?

Seems so simple.

Lancets are the cheapest part of the daily diabetes requirements - so why do I insist on using one lancet until it hurts!?

Yesterday I was at the gym, and needed a calibration test. That is an easy request! Grabbed my meter and my handy dandy lancet thingie.

As usual, poked my finger - but this time, the lancet end got stuck in the end of my finger and I had to pull it back. OUCH, what the heck was that??

I certainly got enough blood - the sort of volume you would have needed for a home blood test in 1984. I could not lick this blood off, I needed kleenex intervention!

This is a direct result of not changing my lancet! Pure laziness.....!!

I will make a strong effort to change it more often. I said I should change it every time I do an infusion set change. Not the textbook answer, but a realistic answer! I think I'll return to that technique and see how it goes.......

(added note at 1:50, I just changed the lancets in all three of my tester kits! Fresh start!)


Wendy Morgan said...

Ha! My dad just told me the pharmacy gave him another box of 100 lancets. He felt so bad he was only changing them once every few days. I told him that I change mine about every three months--maybe longer. Just seems silly to change it every time. It works fine, but you are right. They are practically free. Change your lancet--a simple way to provide yourself a little self-care!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...yeah I think I have once waited a year before changing those damn things. They are sitting right near my test stips in the medicine cabinet and for some reason it just seems like a tedious task to change them. This can't be good for us!


Kevin said...

Impressive goal.

I stick to the daylight-savings plan: check fire alarms in house and change lancets.

Though with this year's DLS being shifted up a week, I completely blew even that!

But you're right, it definitely feels nicer with fresh lancets, and I've got TONS and TONS of them around...

Minnesota Nice said...

I think I have two quart-sized zip lock baggies of lancets and I don't even remember where I got them all from..............I usually put new ones in about once every 6 months (maybe).

MarathonSwimmer said...

Whoa. I've never had one get *stuck* before! :O

julia said...

Yeah, I suck at remembering to change O's lancet, too. We probably have 500 of them. O's had them get stuck in her finger before, too, but when we do change them, she complains that it hurt even more.

type1emt said...

I attempted to change the lancet(it was getting dull) in my poker the other day, and ended up stabbing halfway through my finger. Defiantly wasn't as dull as I thought it was.
But when it gets stuck-it's certainly time for a change..