Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sleepness Night.....


What a sleepless night last night! Guess I'm having a wee bit of bad luck with my last two sites! First site I YANKED out the other night at work (whoops!!....yeah, I usually use tape on my leg sites but went without that time...good reminder!!!)

So last night I went to sleep, everything seemed fine. BG 4.6, felt good and sleepy!!

I woke at 2am to my high BG alarm. I have it set at 8.0 mmol/L. I did a test to confirm, sure I took a small correction bolus and told my pump to stop waking me :)

Couple hours later (it's all a little fuzzy.....was in a deep sleep!!) my pump had the nerve to wake me again!

This sensor told me I was passing my high BG setting again! What's up? Again tested, and had to take an even bigger correction bolus....back to sleep I went.

I woke in the morning to a higher then normal BG. I was sucking back the insulin all night, why was I high still??? Hmmm.....low reservoir....maybe a bubble? I was not out of insulin, just low.

So this morning started with a cup of coffee and a site change. I pulled out my well secured thigh site and a large outflow of insulin went running down my leg. OH LOOK, there is my boluses.....not in my blood stream where I wanted them, but nicely stored right around my cannula and now mobile around my knee.

That explains everything!

No kink in the line....just lack of absorption.

Fresh new site in now!! It is another 13mm silhouette, trying sample #2. Good insertion, I have high hopes :)


Anonymous said...

isn't it fun when the site goes bad?! i find i'm forever changing my sites. if i haven't dropped after two boluses then i just rip the darn thing out.... though often there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. i'm usng the inset II i got some trials they were pink and blue which were quite pretty.

Scott K. Johnson said...

How crazy is that! I wonder why the insulin just pooled and didn't absorb!?

George said...

I have been through 4 sets in 4 days. LOVELY! I feel your pain. Here's to a good site change!

Drea said...

Vicki - pink and blue sites SO COOL!! I think you should show them to Minimed and say "hint hint" !!

Scott....I dunno why is pooled! I was not sleeping on the leg, and there was plenty of adipose (haha!)...I blame my body, not the infusion set!!

George - OUCH! So far so good with today's site!

Anonymous said...


it's ok i have a "low drawer" where i have an endless supply of fast acting carbs, dextro tabs etc... i also have a nice supply of brightly colored powerade in my fridge.

yeah the pink and blue sets are good but they've sent me boring gray this time. booooo

marathonswimmer said...

The tape on the mini gives me contactc dermititis like you wouldn't believe. It's like I have a infusion-set shaped sunburn for days after I take it off. But I'm fine with the "original" version. Not worth it!

I want red licorice-flavoured tubing. Yummmmmmy! :-)