Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring is here...maybe!?

I hope this is spring!

It is 6 degrees out today....beautiful and sunny. I took the garbage out this afternoon and got hooked!! Hooked to the fresh smell of the air, the sounds of the crashing waves. Hooked on the feeling of the sun on my skin, and to the feeling of the breeze. I hope this is it! No more snow, no more ice....I hope!

I was given two samples of the new 13mm silhouette infusion set. I decided last night I would try! It is shaped differently (more oval) and a different shade in color....but other then that seemed the same! No problem inserting.....was normal.....and all seemed fine!

I had the site inserted on the outside of my right thigh. Sure enough....murphy's law.....last night at work I was in the washroom, and when I pulled my pants down I yanked the fresh site right of my leg!

This does not happen often - but a risk of the side thigh sites!

SOOO, I had to tap into my emergency supplies at work, and put in a fresh site. So much for testing out the new infusion set HA! Guess that is why they sent me two!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

I hate when I loose a set early.

Are you going to try the other one in a different spot?

art-sweet said...

IV3000 for thigh sites! It's a lifesaver!