Saturday, June 30, 2007

I will embrace the change.

I am making what I feel is a major change at work. Sometimes a change is a good as a rest, in the words of my wise mother.

I did get a promotion, and with it more responsibilities and a "move up" in the corporate world.

Seems good, but it is a CHANGE. I have to leave my work family. We worked together through good and bad, and stood at each other's side. Being with the same 8 people day in and day out, in one small room handling the most stressful situations in everyone else's causes an unexplainable bond to be formed. How do I walk away from them? I just have to .... I tell myself it is better to leave before I actually want to, then I will have only fond memories.

The toughest part, is leaving Clay - my insulin pump buddy. We will still be in the same office, but opposite rotations - which means when I am at work, he is home....and when he is at work, I am home. It has been such a joy to have the person sitting next to me 48 hours a week - sharing the same joys, frustrations, stories....makes it so easy for that person to know exactly what I mean when I say I am in a post-low-lull....or the excitement to see a shiny new pump skin. He just understands, and that is not easy to find.

I will cherish these friendships for my lifetime.

Totally unrelated, I have taken up a new hobby. Lampworking!

This is the art of making glass beads, in my case from scrap glass. Very exciting! I have a local stain glass store/studio where I sourced out scrap glass - and you can see end result. I am new to the art.....I need to find something to do with all the beads! My friend Shauna, who is helping me learn the tricks of the trade, wants to pay for her tuition next year in beads. HA! I'll see if the bank will accept beads....!!

A very happy Canada Day tomorrow !

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