Monday, June 25, 2007

Sleepless nights with the sensor.....hmmm......

The past few nights' sleeps have been interrupted, and I have no one to blame but myself!

I have been keeping busy during the days, and getting home late in the evening. Because of this, I have been having supper later and later each day! Not good......going to sleep with a semi-full belly!

I snuggle in to bed, test my sugar....and enter this as a calibration for the glucose sensor. I figure I am safe no for 11 hours and 30 minutes (that is when the sensor will ask for it's next calibration!).

Every night I have had a good BG value, typically around 4 -8 mmol/L or so.......but for the past few nights I wake (usually around 2am) to the BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ of my pump, telling me I have crested over the 8.5 mmol/L high setting.

GRRR.....check BG, correction bolus and back to sleep.

At 3am, it was yet another BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ awaking my body and mind from sleep to retest. "Still over 8.5" my friendly pump reminds me. "Yes yes" I thought, "I'll deal with it".

Lets be honest. At 3am, I cleared the alarm and rolled over and rejoined sleep.

At 4am, I think I slept through two doses of the BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ because I woke to the WEE-AAA-WEE-AAA audible alarm. Enough of this...I am trying to sleep!!

I recheck, bolus again .... and thankfully sleep through to morning.

This was my night for the past several nights....

Solution: Eat earlier it is......Easy enough to say. I sit here in the middle of the afternoon and tell myself "nothing to eat late, or it will be a sleepless night".....but at 10pm, when I am relaxing watching TV.....those treats call me!!

Totally unrelated now:

Here are some pics from my beach walks today....water looks nice enough to run right into - but trust me, it is still chilly!


Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos, Drea!
It's funny, it seems like everyone who uses CGMS has an amusing anecdote about how their CGMS woke them up at some point repeatedly (either in the same night or over a few nights). Is it really worth it?


Drea said...

It is worth it !!!

Sarah said...

The post I was thinking of belongs to Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Low (aka Val) here:



Major Bedhead said...

Oh, those beach photos are fantastic. I miss the beach so much. It's a 2+ hour drive from here and with two little ones, one teenager and a husband who doesn't like the beach (freak) it's not worth the hassle.