Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bleeding Sensors.....YIKES!

I have certainly been enjoying my week off work! I recommend a vacation to everyone! This picture was taken in my front yard....very enjoyable this time of year!

My most recent hobby I have adopted in the art of lampworking - glass melting to create beads. Now I really don't know what I am going to do with all these beads, but I love the colors and the process of melting the glass and sculpting! I will take pictures when I get a few beads that are "pretty" enough for public eyes, I am still learning!!

SOOO, my past few sensors have been bleeding on insertion! I think this is due to the location, my upper abdomen. I have had amazing success with this location area (with the new Minilink), but I have to be extra careful to not put the introducer needle out too quickly!

My process now: insert sensor, secure with the bottom tape - and leave the needle in for at least 30 minutes. This may seem like a lot, but my body appears to need this time to heal. I lost a sensor due to +++ bleeding. I'm not talking call 911 bleeding, but it was enough to soak the sensor and adhesive pad. I knew if I left that sensor on longer then a week, the skin below the blood soaked adhesive would become irritated.

Last night the introducer needle was left in for over an hour! I had a friend stop by and lost track of time! Either way, it worked just fine. I took the needle out - and started the sensor with no issues. It is chugging along just fine now! My advice: be patient and don't pull the introducer needle out too quickly until you learn how that area of your body will react!


Caro said...

I'm curious about this technique. I can't move with the introducer needle still in place because a) I find it tends to want to fall out again and b) it hurts like hell. I always pull the needle as quickly as possible.

But then, I've only ever had one sensor, in just coming up n a year of CGM, that has caused bleeding. And I did lose that one within about 5 days. I use my lower abdomen, hips and upper arms. The bleeder was in the hip.

theb_oc said...

I was searching for other diabetics dealing with this. I just changed my new sensor for the 2nd time. The first was so painful I had to take it out and this one bled enough to soak the pad a little. I was wondering if I should be concerned about it. Could I get away with 3-5 days of a little blood on the pad? Thanks for any advice.