Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Funny Story!

I am on vacation this week, and enjoying myself!

I have been sleeping in every day, and when I do finally get out of bed I have been relaxing on the patio, watching the fishing boats go by, working A LOT in the yard (feuf!). A good week.

Funny story to share. This morning I was expecting a call from work - so I had the cordless phone in my left pocket. I had my pump in my right pocket...............I was having breakfast, and went to quick bolus my 2.0 units.......and yes, I am sure you can all guess what happened. I attempted to bolus my phone. I heard "beep beep"....but a different sounding beep followed by the base station for my phone beeping as well.

Instead of bolusing 2.0 units for my breakfast, I pressed the "call base station" button on my phone, several times.

I had a good giggle, and knew I had to share my funny experience!



Scott K. Johnson said...

That is a funny story!

I hope you continue to enjoy your vacation (I'm jealous)!

bethany said...

lol that's great! hope you have a great vacation!