Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here's my proof! Carelink on my MAC

There you see it - Carelink running on my MAC! This is going to be so much easier!

The parallel window is running as a program within the MAC set-up. What you can see is the main MAC screen (orange) with a window for "Windows XP" - you can see a small bit of the standard windows background - and in the middle of that I have the carelink webpage loaded...and it works!

Now if there was only a way to upload that did not include the BD meter and cable (Hint Hint Minimed)


Bernard said...

I with you on the hint.

One of the main reasons why I'm not considering Minimed for my new pump is the need to have that darn BD meter just to read values off the pump. Come on Minimed, upgrade that pump connection!

Aaron S said...

Long ago, I ordered a CommLink, and I use this to connect. I don't need to use the BD meter.

It costs about $200 Canadian. From a quick look, I found it on Medtronic's Canadian web site but I can't find it on the American one.

Caro said...

The BD Link is not available in Europe, so we have to use the ComLink to download - it may be that the ComLink isn't currently available in the US, but it may be worth ringing Medtronic to check. It may just not be widely advertised because the pumps ship with the BD Link and they assume most people won't want to fork out for another device to do a job that the BD Link already does.

At any rate, there must be plans to release some kind of ComLink soon - isn't the BD Link being discontinued?

Drea said...

I am not sure what is going to happen now that the Minimed/BD contract has expired.....word has it a new meter linked with the RTMS system....still waiting on the word!!

Victoria said...

Hey...please share your secrets for uploading data from your Macintel using Parallels. I just tried for the first time today and had no luck at all.