Saturday, June 16, 2007

A new found solution for MAC users

Last week my hard drive crashed!!

(everyone now needs to back up their info before reading it now, before it is too late!!!)

I lost everything - I see it as a clensing experience!

I had several gift certificate #'s saved in emails from Minimed. These were from various stages from my online pump challenge accont and one from an online survey. Value $170 at Minimed......GONE......or so I thought! I emailed Minimed Canada and explained what happened - gave my pump account #.....waited a week, and VOILA, they were able to find all of my money! I had been saving that money for sensors, so I am VERY HAPPY!

(again I remind, back up your data! I lost everything!)

The big benefit of my new hard drive, it is a clean and fresh start....and I found out an easier way to run Windows XP on my MACbook. I had been running Windows before through bootcamp, which means I had to reboot my MAC to run windows. A pain in the butt resulting in my once a month MAX upload to carelink (honestly, probably once every two months).

I knew about parallels, but did not want to put the money forward to do this.....I have a trial version of the software I need and I am SOLD! Now I have Windows running in a parallel window on my MAC - which means Windows is running like any other program. I can have Windows running on my mac all the time - which means carelink without having to shut down all my programs and reboot! I get the best of both worlds. The ease of a MAC, and the ability to use WIndows software applications.....

Good has come from my computer crash!

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there!


Caro said...

Hey Drea,

I've heard good things about parellels. In fact I have a copy and have ben assured that it means I could use Carelink, so long as I also use IE.

The problem? I can't get hold of a copy of Windows!

Ian said...


Could you provide more information about the "online pump challenge account and one from an online survey" you referenced?

I would love to get some free gift certificates!

Drea said...

All I can tell was an email I received from Minimed stating if I was one of the first 300 to answer the survey, I would received a $20 gift certificate....and I did! The other gift certificates were from when I started my newest pump and I registered online - again survey questions with $minimed gift certificates at the end!