Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wonderful night for a bike ride!

After work the other night I felt like a bike ride! Hard to believe that after 12 hours of high stress work, following a 5am wake up, I wanted to hit the trails!
It was a beautiful evening for a bike ride, visible in the picture above! I started at 7.9 mmol/L. Seems anytime I am below 7 and embark on physical activity I will drop quickly. That extra 0.9 certainly helped and kept me stable the entire 15km bike ride! I was expecting a drop...every time I stopped for a drink of water I would peek at the sensor reading to watch for double down arrows.....but they did not happen! That fruit leather in my pocket did not see the light of day! Almost felt normal......

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Donna said...

I was about to post a beautiful sunset photo on my blog today. Then I saw yours & decided it was more beautiful than mine. So I decided I'll post the one on my blog some other time.

It's funny how we diabetics seem to blog about the same things around the same time - even when they're not totally diabetes related. LOL!