Monday, October 29, 2007

Feelin' good, even with this cold!!

Ohh welcome fall, and welcome a wonderful COLD (yes Sandra, I fell weak to the cold virus....argh....) but dang it, I am feelin' good.....(other then the head congestion)

I have honestly given up sugar and processed foods for awhile. It was not hard. One day I decided to stop eating refined sugar and processed. I was tired to feeling gross after salty high carb foods. I was tired of the glucose swings after eating something sweet. I was tired of the rollercoaster of glucose values!

It has been a week, and I feel good.

I have gone through phases like this in the past. My longest was a full year with minimal refined sugars and processed foods, but slowly they sneaked back into my life. I am not saying they are bad, but for my well being I need to keep them to a minimum!

This means more food prep.....finding time, but it seems to be going well :) I'll borrow some of my precious sleep time and trade it in for the good feeling ....


Sandra said...

Dang cold....I still can't hear properly!

Donna said...

The colds seem to be hanging on a long time around here. I started getting laryngitis several weeks ago & it's still here - to some degree. No infection - so no antibiotics. I just have to wait until it's over. Good luck getting over yours.