Thursday, November 01, 2007

GI Index

I will give Dr Bernstein credit. He was right on when discussing the GI index with reference to diabetes control.

For the past week I have been eating foods that are low of the GI index scale, and what a profound benefit it has had on my glucose levels.

This was no surprise to me, I knew the tools I needed to use - but to actually do this is sometimes a hard change.

I decided one say just to do it, and instantly I changed. I felt better, and frankly have not had a large BG swing at all. I have had one low and that was minor. No high sugars.....and I feel good (other then this cold that is hanging on!!!).

Funny tho, with the reduction in refined sugars my insulin requirements have gone down drastically! I had to do a site change this morning before my reservoir was empty! I could have let it go on but I was not willing to risk an infection from leave it in too long!!

I am going to try to keep this up. It seems to be working well with my life!

It all started one night when I googled "GI index" after reading it in a magazine article.....that was all it took :)


Claire said...

Bernstein, for all that he sounds crazy (no onions? Really?!), is also kind of a genius and right about just about everything he's ever said.

Just sayin'.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Please keep us posted on how this works for you. I'm curious to see how it goes.

I think it will be great, and I should probably try it too. It is SO TRUE what you say about knowing the tools and using the tools being two different things.

I'm real good at knowing the tools, and real poor at using them.