Monday, November 05, 2007

I have power!

I was very happy to have power again! Yippie....warmth!

Today was a very long day at work! At around 4pm I just wanted to go home, but I knew I had a few more hours to get through! My co-worker walked by my desk and dropped several halloween chocolate bars on my desk and said "this will get you through the hump"

.....I looked at the chocolate sitting there .....calling out to me......then my mind clicked....

Not worth the hassle. Not worth the headache. Not worth the time to push the buttons to deliver the bolus :) 

Onwards and upwards! Another several great days. Good blood sugars and feeling good!


Donna said...

Congrats on getting your power back. Being without power is so frustrating. I never know how much I need it until it's not there. Glad yours is back!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way! To! Go!!!!!

It feels SO GOOD to be able to refuse stuff like that - I wish I was strong enough to do it more often!