Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Taking A Break....

I starting using the Minimed Real Time Glucose Sensing system in August 2006.

This was life changing. For 442 days straight I wore a glucose sensor. Every hour of every day I knew my blood sugar. I knew if I was dropping or rising, there was no surprise.

This morning, I decided to take the sensor off. I left the house for work this morning without the sensor. It felt weird, but I think I needed a day off.

I don't get obsessed with knowing what my blood sugar is, but today I just wanted to BE and stop looking at my pump all the time.

I think I felt comfortable to take off the sensor today thanks to the wonderful sugars I have been having lately. Now that I am not snacking all of the time I am avoiding the mystery spikes (which now I realize are not so mysterious!!! I snacked-up those spikes!)

Downfall, I am not used to manually testing - so I was not up to my pre-sensor level of testing, but I still made it through just fine.

Tomorrow morning I will put a new sensor in, but it was a refreshing day away from the sensor.....but I will be happy to have it back in the morning :) 

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