Thursday, November 08, 2007

Infusion Sets......something good!

I am forever trying new infusion sets. For about 5 years I used the same type of set, the silhouette. This set worked fine, but one day I woke up and realized I wanted more!! I wanted to explore my options!!

One of the main web sites I refer to it: Diabetes Mall. When I first heard about this website I figured it was a shopping area. I was wrong! This pages is an excellent resource of information! I think this is where my infusion set sampling crave began!

Tiffany offers up a very details journey through her infusion set sampling as well on her blog, Candid Diabetes. Excellent details!!

As it stands now, I am enjoying the metal infusion sets. I never thought this would be the case, as I felt the metal sets were "Old School".......but I was wrong!! These sets leave minimal to no mark on my skin! The adhesive does not cause me to itch at the site for days on end.....I am impressed.

I am using the Minimed Sure-T. When I asked my rep for a sample I was told they do not stock these. They were created for children and not popular!!! It took me a little work to find them but it was worth the trouble!

BUT the tubing is short. I would like to see 31 inch tubing, or even 43. Some people will take the tubing from another set and connect. Good idea, but seems like a waste!

So for now, my infusion search is over. I am a metal set girl for the time being.......but I will never stop exploring!!

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Lili said...

I love the Sure-Ts. My CDE said the same thing to me when I asked for them - that they were for children and not popular. Uh...I wonder why they're not popular! LOL!