Thursday, May 08, 2008


My brother does not ask for much.....but as he has been listening to my plans for training for the Medtronic Marathon in October...he has asked that I blog this adventure! I do not think he realizes I already blog, but I am going to add in training information just for him :) Here you go bro!

I find when I run, and my blood sugar is higher then normal (tisk tisk, not good....I know.....but I really wanted to get out and run!!!) the run feels long and tiring. I feel like I am fighting to keep going! Thankfully this does not happen often, but what a difference a good blood sugar makes when going out for a run!

6km run this morning, in the beautiful sunshine! I wish all days could be this nice!!


Jeff said...

Hi Drea.

You're tagged. If you're up for it, go to my site to see what this is all about.

Have a great weekend.

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Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.