Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Enjoying the new Contour Link Meter!

When I hear Medtronic was pairing up with Bayer, I assumed it would based on the new Contour meter. With this in mind, I started using the Bayer Contour a year hope....and sure enough, last month the Contour Link was released.

I was never a huge fan of the old BD Link meter. I found it clunky, and ugly. I know those are petty reasons, but seeing and handling the same ugly clunky meter many times a day, every day, grows old.

Now my new contour meter, with its matching skin to the pump, is a part of my daily life. The case is a little more user friendly with the meter angled at 90 degrees to the old case. I like that......but the lancet device is terrible. I have also disliked the microlet device, but continue to use it due to its small size! What a dilemma :)

I am prepping for kayak season, and an upcoming day of canoe races. I purchased Medtronic's waterproof pump case. It looks like the pump case from the 500 series (507/508) - and the website states it does not work with the paradigm. I spoke with a customer rep on the helpline, who assured me this waterproof case had been altered to fit the 522 pump, but the website had not been updated. It looks the same as the old waterproof case......and has the same old web will be interesting to see how it works. There were a lot of different case options on the market that looked smaller and easier to use, but I like the guarantee this case carries! If water gets in and harms the pump, Medtronic covers! I'll let you know how it goes! I may do a test run in the bathtub!!

On a softer note, I am craving some peace and the idea of going out on the water is appealing.......


Scott K. Johnson said...

I've been out on my kayak a couple times this season - and it was mostly great!

The very first "outing" I dumped the kayak (with me and all my stuff) into the drink, not even 5 minutes into the start. Later in that very same trip I had a battle with a stubborn tree branch that left me with a black eye and a swollen cheek (and a bruised ego)! It was a trip!

I didn't let that slow me down much, and was out again the very next weekend. I stayed dry and uninjured that trip, which was a bonus.


Aaron said...

I too dislike the lancing device that comes with the Bayer meters.

I'm using the Multiclix lancing device (that comes with the Accu-check Aviva) instead. However, this device is large and not easy to fit into the case.

Another lancing device that you could try is the One Touch lancing device that comes with the One Touch Mini. This one is smaller than device that comes with the Contour.

Anonymous said...


Great reading your adventures! Just wondering where you found your skins for your contour meter? I would love to find them for my daughter.

Thanks so much!

Drea said...

I found the skins for the Bayer meter right off the ascensia web page!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you on the info on the skin! Unfortunatly I'm in the US and it doesn't look like they're available to us. I tried to register anyway, but they didn't offer a US state, only Canadian provience. I am Canadian, but live in the states with my family. I guess that doesn't count huh? We don't have the Contour Link meter here in the states either. I can't find anywhere on the internet to buy a skin for my daughters meter. It's the same Contour just without the link part. Anyway, thanks for your help! I enjoyed reading todays blog too! Beep beep!!


Andrea said...

Hi Drea, do you let your meter automatically send BG results to your pump? I was quite excited when Minimed sent the One Touch Ultra Link -- it made things just that much easier. Also, so many more of my BG readings show up in the sensor downloads, which is good since I am terrible at manual logging.

However, I have been noticing that my sensor readings have been much farther off lately. I finally realized that I have been testing a lot more recently, especially since I haven't been able to trust the sensor, and this may be negatively impacting my calibration. I just turned the link off to test this theory.

Anonymous said...

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