Thursday, May 29, 2008

DMV Medical....yet again

Being a paramedic in Nova Scotia, I am required to have and maintain a class 4 drivers license. This is not an issue for most people, but the government is very particular about people with any sort of medical abnormalities.

Anything cardiac, neurological, metabolic, physiological etc requires advanced medical forms. You can only imagine having type 1 diabetes, especially for the number of years I have, the number of forms I have to fill out every two years to maintain the right to drive!

I came home yesterday to find the letter, from DMV, full of forms for various doctors to fill out. A form for my opthamologist, one for my GP and one for the endo.....after yet another round of blood work. I understand why they are asking for this information. I have been to wayyyy too many car accidents caused by many different medical conditions, but it is still a pain in my BUTT to chase after doctors, spend my money, every two years for the same medical form. Even though our provincial health coverage does cover the cost of the Dr visit, I still have to pay the doctor $$ for the form, as it is not considered a necessity!! OK rant over.....

A beautiful, sunny day in Nova Scotia today. I went for a 10km run in the sun.......and tonight I am heading to see Sara Slean on a good day all around!!

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