Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Affirmation of good health......

Today was a very positive day in terms of my health, and the changes I have made over the past few months!


Ohhh I bet you want details!! Please do read on!

I was in to see my dietitian this morning. Always a little bit of stress as I allow that silly number on the scale dictate my success. I tell myself my evaluation of my success should be HOW I feel, but every time I allow my success to be gauged by the digits that stare back at me. I feel good, there is no doubt about that, and every visit I see positive changes.


Later today I went to my doctor, to see how the blood numbers faired out! My doctor greeted me with a smile (and a blood pressure cuff). Pressure PREFECT. Cholesterol PERFECT. HA1C Not too bad....better then before and WITHIN THE RANGE!!!! 


I topped off my day with a visit to my personal trainer, Devin, who gave me an excellent butt-kicking. Great end to the day!


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Scott K. Johnson said...


Doesn't positive feedback go a long way? I LOVE it!!